2014 Devotional Graphics

Click the image. When the enlarged image displays, right-click and save to desktop (or another folder). Then go to the desktop (or the other folder you chose) and right-click on the graphic again; choose “Set as desktop background.” These images are made 1600 x 900 pixels so that they will display well on most computers.

Feel free to also use these graphics on your blog, bulletins, or newsletters.

2corinthians5-17Original image

revelation1-12Original image

revelation1-8Original image

matthew18-12Original image

1john5-4bOriginal image

acts6-4Original image

john3-36Original image

matthew20-16Original image

acts17-11Original image

luke1-37Original image

luke1-16Original image

revelation20-6Image based upon the work of Rudolph Koch

ephesians6-10Original image

luke3-6Original image

matthew11-9 Original image


mark1-3 Original image

isaiah9-2 Original image

2peter1-2 Original image

john3-30b Original image

luke22-32 Original image

Luke 22-27 Original image

isaiah7-9 Original image

isaiah6-8 Original image

isaiah5-20 Original image

1thessalonians5-5 Original image

2peter3-11-12 Original image

1thessalonians4-17Original image

luke21-3 Original image

1thessalonians3-12 Original image

isaiah2-3 Original image

isaiah1-26 Original image

isaiah1-18 Original image

2peter3-9 Original image

luke12-34 Original image

luke12-15 Original image

revelation12-11 Original image

luke11-44 Original image

revelation 11-15 Original image

jonah2-1 Original image

matthew18-18 Original image

luke11-2 Original image

luke10-42b Original image

luke10-27 Original image

revelation8-13 Original image

ecclesiastes6-9 Original image

luke9-62 Original image

matthew16-15 Original image

luke9-48 Original image

luke9-35 Original image

acts27-44 Original image

luke9-2 Original image

acts26-28 Original image

luke8-39 Original image

1corinthians4-12-13 Original image

luke8-18 Original image

luke8-8 Original image

luke7-40 Original image

luke7-22 Original image

luke7-9 Original image

luke6-46 Original image

matthew14-12 Original image

luke6-27 Original image

luke6-23 Original image

2corinthians11-30 Original image

luke5-32 Original image


luke5-4 Original image

james3-6 Original image

acts20-7 Original image

luke4-36 Original image

luke4-18 Original image

luke4-7 Original image

luke3-16 Original image

luke3-8b Original image


matthew6-1 Original image

john12-46 Original image

acts17-6 Original image

john12-36 Original image

acts16-18 Original image

john12-13b Original image

acts16-5 Original image


job38-5 Original image

john11-40 Original image


john11-11 Original image

john10-36 Original image

john10-27 Original image

matthew5-13 Original image

john10-7 Original image

john9-35 Original image

john9-5 Original image

john8-1 Original image

john8-47 Original image

john8-28 Original image

job11-7 Original image

john8-12 Original image

john7-38 Original image

acts10-20 Original image

john7-7 Original image

1john3-8 Original image

john6-58 Original image

mark6-4 Original image

acts9-15 Original image

john6-40 Original image

john6-27 Original image

acts8-22 Original image

acts8-4 Original image

acts7-60 Original image


john5-17Original image

john4-38 Original image

john4-27 Original image

acts6-15 Original image

john3-30 Original image

john3-3 Original image

mark4-39 Original image

acts4-32 Original image

acts4-29 Original image

acts4-12 Original image

john1-36 Original image

john1-23Original image

john1-5Original image

judges6-16Original image


acts2-17Original image

judges4-6Original image: This stained glass depicting Deborah is one many removed from the Cologne cathedral prior to air raids on the city during World War II.

acts1-5Original image

matthew27-32Original image

matthew27-31Original image

mark2-28Original image

joshua23-3Original image

matthew27-4Original image

matthew27-75Original image

isaiah53-7Original image

joshua8-1Original image

matthew26-41Original image

joshua6-18Original image

matthew26-34Original image

romans12-14Original image

romans12-2Original image


matthew25-21Original image

joshua2-11Original image

mark1-25Original image

romans10-17Photo taken at 2011 NALC Convocation at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

romans10-4Original image

matthew24-4Original image

matthew23-28Original image


matthew23-12Original image

acts19-20Original image

romans8-25Original image

numbers24-13Original image

matthew22-14Original image

matthew21-42Original image

numbers22-34Original image

romans6-14Original image

luke13-12Original image

romans6-7Original image

romans5-20Original image

matthew20-26Photo by David Nuottila

romans4-16Original image

matthew19-24Original image

romans3-23Original image

luke12-51Original image

romans3-18Original image

numbers13-30Original image

matthew18-14Original image

matthew18-3Original image

romans1-17Original image

romans1-7Original image


galatians6-14Original image

matthew16-24Original image

galatians5-22-23Original image

galatians5-15Original image

galatians4-28Original image

matthew15-25Original image

luke12-35Original image

matthew15-18Original image

matthew14-28Original image

eccesiastes3-17Original image

ecclesiastes3-11Original image

galatians1-24Original image

matthew13-44Original image


1timothy6-1Original image

matthew13-31Original image

matthew13-24Original image

proverbs17-9Original image

matthew12-39Original image

proverbs10-12Original image

luke10-42Original image

matthew12-21Original image

matthew12-6Original image

proverbs7-25Original image

1john5-4Original image


1john3-23Original image

revelation19-7Original image

1john3-18Original image

matthew10-32Original image

matthew10-22Original image

matthew10-7Original image

1john-2-10Original image

1john1-8Original image

acts4-29Original image

matthew9-22Original image

matthew9-13Original image

matthew9-2Original image

ephesians4-15Original image

matthew8-22Original image

joshua1-9Original image

exodus3-12Original image

ephesians2-13Original image

ephesians2-10Original image

matthew28-20Original image

ephesians1-7Original image

matthew13-23Original image

matthew13-9Original image

luke12-20Original image

2thessalonians3-16Original image

matthew7-7Original image

matthew6-33Original image

matthew6-20Original image

matthew6-12Original image

matthew6-1Original image

hebrews12-1-2Original image

matthew5-44Original image

exodus34-29Original image

matthew5-22Original image


matthew5-14Original image

exodus32-9Original image

colossians3-14Original image

mark6-41Original image

matthew4-16Original image

matthew4-4Original image

exodus19-17Original image

A slideshow sampling of the photo-graphics here, accompanied by “Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee,” by Martin Luther. Music credit: The Open Hymnal Project  • Write me and I will send you a high-def movie file suitable for projection.

matthew3-8Original image

1peter5-8Original image

1john2-10Original image

1peter4-19Original image

john16-7Original image

john15-16Original image

exodus15-10Original image

exodus15-2Original image

exodus14-25Original image


Original image


matthew28-19 Original image

matthew28-3Original image

mark16-16Original image

mark16-6Original image

Original image

romans8-6Original image

lamentations3-23Original image

mark14-22-24Original image

2corinthians1-24Original image

mark11-31Original image

mark11-24Original image

1timothy6-12Original image

mark10-52Original image

mark10-45Original image

2corinthians3-6Original image

2corinthians3-6Original image

exodus5-1Original image


john8-52Original image

exodus2-14Original iamge

mark9-7Original image

1corinthians12-20Original image

1corinthians12-7Original image

1corinthians11-24Original image

mark7-35Original image

john6-35Original image

mark7-6Original image

mark6-50Original image

mark6-38Original image

romans5-3Original image

genesis45-7Original image

mark5-36Original image

Original image

1corinthians 7-24Original image

mark4-39Original image

2timothy2-13Original image

mark4-3Original image

mark3-19Original image

1corinthians4-10Original image

john5-21Original image

1corinthians4-2Original image

1corinthians3-16Original image

genesis39-23Original image

mark1-31Original image

mark1-17Original image

mark1-8Original image

hebrews2-14Original image

philippians4-13Original image

philippians4-6Original image

Original image

amos5-6Original image



john18-26Original image

luke9-24Original image

2timothy1-6Original image

john12-13Original image

1john51Original image

1john5-12Original image

john11-43Original image

john11-25Original image

mark10-36Original image

1john3-16Original image

1john3-5Original image

genesis32-12Original image

john10-7Original image

1john2-15Original image

1john2-10Original image

1john1-9Original image

mark10-27Original image

romans14-11Original image

romans13-8Original image

john8-32Original image


john8-11Original image



hebrews12-28Original image

hebrews12-5Original image

hebrews12-2Original image

genesis22-14Original Image

faithOriginal Image

hebrews11-1bOriginal image

galatians5-25Original image

john6-20Original image

john6-11Original image

genesis17-7Original image

genesis16-11Original image

john5-17Original image

hebrews8-12Original image

mark7-34Original photo

galatians1-11Original image

genesis12-1Original photo

john4-11Original photo

john3-16Original photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

genesis8-17Original image


ephesians4-1Original image

hebrews4-12Original image

luke22-20Original image

john1-43Original image

john1-29Original image

john1-23Original image

john14-14Original image

john1-29Statue on bridge in Prague













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