December 19, 2015

Matthew 25_40

Matthew 25: 31-46

A poem by Helen Steiner Rice illustrates our failure to see God daily, “The Story of the Christmas Guest.” The story centers around a man named Conrad. Conrad wishes that the Lord would be his Christmas guest and God agrees. As time ticks away on Christmas a beggar knocks. Conrad answers the door and is disappointed that the beggar is there. Conrad helps the beggar and gives him shoes and a coat. A second knock comes and an old lady carrying a heavy load of kindling looks for a place to rest. Conrad obliges his guest. A third knock comes and Conrad is disappointed to find a child. Conrad helps the child then finds himself once again alone.

As the last few ticks of Christmas Day fade from the clock Conrad despairs that the Lord has failed to come. Conrad prays Lord, why did you fail to come? The Lord answers. Three times I came by your home and was welcomed, I was the beggar, old woman, and child. Each time I came a welcome was given and a Christmas blessing had.(i)

Prayer: Lord, open our eyes to your presence. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Carlin Ours, Pastor of Organ Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC.

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(i)  Steiner, Helen Rice. The Story of the Christmas Guest. Buccaneer Books, Incorporated, 1991

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