December 16, 2015

Matthew 24_46

Matthew 24:45-51

Timing is everything. Well, if not everything, then at least almost everything. Take for example the illustration I found in an online sermon:

Consider that researchers at Xerox developed the computer “mouse” a full 15 years too soon. For a decade and a half, the “mouse” sat on a shelf waiting for a market. Finally, through the techno-wizardry of Apple Computers, the mouse concept became a viable, indeed an integral, part of standard computer desktop operations. That same mouse is turning some of our kids into “mouse potatoes.” i

In the Matthew text timing is everything. However, there is a problem. When it comes to Christ’s Second Coming we have no idea when it will take place. Our responsibility is to be ready, prepared and rejoicing that Jesus will find us faithful. Or will He?

Prayer: Lord, the timing is yours and the glory is yours. By your Spirit keep me faithful and prepared. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Thomas W. Corbell, Pastor of  Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church in Statesville, NC.

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i Accessed November 30, 2015


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