December 15, 2015

Matthew 24_37

Matthew 24:32-44

Jesus reminds us to be ready for his appearing at the end of time. Yet, we do not need to be spending our time speculating on when that time may be. The message for you and me in this season of Advent is to always be ready, and not to worry about when it will take place. The believer should not live in fear of the end but, in anticipation that Jesus will bring his elect to live in our forever home—the new heaven and new earth that God has told us he is preparing for the time of his return. Because, as we read in Revelation 21:5; “Behold, I am making all things new.”

His comparison of the days of Noah and our day reminds us that we can get so wrapped up in our own plans and activities that we ignore the preparations of our hearts for his surprising reappearance. Christmas preparations can be like that. We are so involved in procuring our own holiday happiness that all else falls into the background of our thinking. Jesus and his coming reign is to be our constant thought as we proclaim him in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Prayer: Come Lord Jesus, come! May my heart be tuned in to thank, praise, serve and obey you until you appear again. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Randy Conley, Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hubbard Lake, MI.

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  1. Becky Morris says:

    Good one Randy. I love the line about our being so busy “procuring our own holiday happiness” that we miss Him! Nice turn of phrase that made me stop and look at my busy schedule with fresh eyes. Thank you.

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