November 29, 2015

Luke 21_7

Luke 21:5-19

Every generation at some time or another looks back to the “good old days” when things were better. Jesus tells us that the world will go on as it always has; wars and rumors of wars, along with persecutions for his followers. As things get worse we hope for the Savior to return sooner than later.

I often ask my parishioners if they want Jesus to come today. I mean this very day, now, while we are in worship. Only a few raise their hands. I wonder why we do not get excited about the return of our Lord. What is it about this life that we love so much that we want Jesus to wait a little longer? Or is it because we want more people to have the chance to repent and believe the Gospel, especially some family members?

How can we witness to the hope of life with Jesus? The Holy Spirit of God will fill us and give us the words, the humility, and the joy to tell of his love and mercy. We need to share God’s love with everyone we meet, for Jesus is coming for judgment and salvation.

Prayer: Come Lord Jesus, and bring us into your kingdom. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by David Hefner, Pastor of Shiloh Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC.

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  1. Becky Morris says:

    Excellent Dave! And the graphic was amazing… Had to zoom a bit to pick up the world in that drop of water…. Come Lord Jesus!

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