November 7, 2015

Matthew 14_30

Matthew 14:22-36

Have you noticed that life moves faster these days? Modern technology allow us to get more done in less time, but being constantly “plugged in” comes at a cost. According to researchers, humans now have an attention span of just eight seconds. We may be more productive than ever, but we are also much more distracted.

Peter did not have modern technology, but he did know a thing or two about distractions. After walking to Jesus across the stormy Sea of Galilee, Peter becomes distracted by the treacherous wind. He looks away from Jesus and sees the billowing crests and troughs of the waves. Fear overtakes him, and immediately, Peter begins to sink. Fortunately, Jesus is there, his attention unwavering. The instant that Peter cries out, Jesus lifts him to safety.

And so it is with us. We are constantly buffeted by the winds of life, by the troughs of hardship, illness, and loss, as well as the crests of security, comfort, and success. These ups and downs vie for our attention, and often we are distracted from following Jesus. But he is there, always there, waiting and ready to lift us back up into the safety of his grace.

Prayer: Almighty Lord, help us to call upon your name and rest in the peace of your enduring presence, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Paulette McHugh, Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC.

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