November 1, 2015

Luke 12_31

Luke 12:22-31

In Luke 12, our Lord calls us away from worries about life, concerns about what we will eat or wear. Today, that is a preoccupation for many. Many of us spend much of our time indulging such concerns, seeking the latest clothing fads and dining accoutrements. Then, there are others among us who are struggling with financial constraints, personal calamities such as illness, droughts, ongoing devastations from recent storms and floods around the world or a host of other challenges.

Our Lord calls us away from such worries and encourages us to seek first his kingdom. Following today’s passage, in Luke 12:33, Jesus calls us to sell our possessions, give to the poor, and store up treasures in heaven. St. Francis of Assisi seemed to echo what Jesus was saying when he wrote “it is in giving that we receive.”

There are many communities which could use our prayers and tangible assistance providing food, clothing, water, medical and care assistance, or shelter. As we practice loving our neighbor, many who are struggling might have such worries assuaged. So let us stop worrying and instead reach out to our neighbors around the world thus storing up our treasures in heaven.

Prayer: Lord of heaven, help us to set aside our self-centered preoccupations and share our abundance with our neighbors in need – as far and wide as possible. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Rev. Robert V. Alle, NALC Pastor.

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