September 18, 2015

1 Kings 11_38

1 Kings 11:26-43, James 4:13-5:6, Mark 15:22-32

Our God is a loving God, but as I often told my children, “Yes, I love you, but don’t push it.” Love without discipline is not love. If you love your child, you want the very best for him. You want him to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a godly life. Training a child requires a love strong enough to discipline when necessary as well as firm loving guidance. We are told, “The Father disciplines those he loves” (Hebrews 12:8-11).

Today, we as Gods children often skim over the “judgment and discipline” God and focus completely on the “warm and fuzzy he loves me” God. Our text warns us never to take Gods love and grace for granted. Jesus took our Sin so seriously; he gave His life to save us from its consequences.

Yes, Jesus does Love us yet, we must remember, our lives witness to our response to his loving gift of grace and forgiveness.

Prayer: Lord save us from our arrogance and willfulness. Give us teachable hearts to humbly submit to your will in all things. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Rev. Janice Kelly, NALC Pastor.

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