September 7, 2015

Mark 13_26

Acts 26:1-23; Mark 13:14-27

I often wonder about this abomination of desolation. I am not quite sure what it is. I just know that it is not a good thing. Has it already been here? Is it here now? Is it yet to come? I do know that even as the Kingdom of God increases; the world seems to be getting even crazier. There seems to be a great tribulation going on. So many people look to their self with no regard for the welfare of others; even for the world as a whole. There are days when I pray that God would shorten the days until the Lord comes again.

Usually after praying for the Lord to shorten the days, it is not long before I think that it would be better to pray that hearts would be softened and ears opened so that multitudes would turn from darkness to light that they may live life in the Kingdom of God.

Yes, I pray for revival. I do not know when the Lord will come again in full glory. But, I do know that he is already here. We may not see him as Paul did. But, we can experience his presence among us.

Prayer: May the Lord renew us all in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Judy Mattson, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Skanee, MI.

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