August 28, 2015

Mark 10_51(1)

Mark 10:46-52

I tend to think Bartimaeus is rude. I peg him as one of those boisterous, disruptive characters who trample decorum. “Shhh, be quiet,” says everyone. But he shouts more loudly! Who does he think he is: ignoring the instructions of the majority and bellowing to have his way?

But before people like me can cuff him into silence, Jesus stops and wants to meet him. So Bartimaeus (as one expects from his type), hurls aside his cloak and leaps at the opportunity. He is breathless. But never at a loss for words. “Let me see again!” he trumpets. And, of course, Christ does.

What does Jesus see in him and people like him: the dishonest steward, the schemer who got the pearl of great price – those pushy people on the make? No sooner is Bartimaeus healed than he is on to bigger things: like following Christ.

Maybe that explains it. Those who go for broke on worldly things get their hearts broken on them. When they finally go for broke on Jesus, heaven rejoices. How weary Christ must be with my cautious, blind, smugness! Meanwhile he was on the make all along for brassy Bartimaeus.

Prayer: Lord, let me see again! Amen!

Today’s devotion was written by Gary Blobaum, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, in Sumter, SC.

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3 Responses to August 28, 2015

  1. Danny Ward says:

    Amy Grant had a song so very long ago, “My Father’s Eyes.” Wanting to see the world as Jesus saw things. To have the scales of the world removed to see everything just like Jesus. Should we not also be requesting the same even more today? The world makes us blind by hardening us to what is happening around us. Maybe we should be more verbose when pleading to Christ for “His sight” in all things.

  2. Maybe there is hope for me. I’m the one with my hand up, begging to be picked. I’m the one who volunteers when the people in charge expected to make appointments. I have been told I am disruptive and should be quiet. Maybe Jesus has room for me after all.

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