August 20, 2015

Mark 9_7

Mark 9:2-13

How often do we hear the words of Jesus, yet fail to listen to him? How many times do we wrestle with our earthly existence and forget that Jesus showed us the way? In reality, it happens all too often. Given all of our struggles, I sometimes wonder if Christians remember the words God spoke when he said, “This is my Son; listen to him.”

The disciples did not understand the significance of their mountain top experience with Christ. Jesus stood with Moses and Elijah in a real life vision of the Law and Prophets being fulfilled in the person of Christ. There they were, yet, all they could manage was a feeble response to this wonderful event. They had not been listening.

When faced with difficulty, sorrows or grief, Christians should consider the teaching of Jesus. Christ is the fulfillment of all Moses wrote in the Law and everything the prophets foretold of God’s plan for salvation. As we listen to our Lord Jesus, read his gospel and pray in his name, God’s promises for life in his kingdom also become a real life vision of God’s mercy and grace.

Jesus truly is God’s beloved Son. Listen to him.

Prayer: Father, help me respond in faith to the words of my Lord Jesus. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by David Nuottila, Pastor of Union Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC.

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