August 4, 2015

Mark 4_26

Mark 4:26-34

Once while making a presentation on Christian leadership, a man interrupted as soon as I began speaking. He wanted me to begin with a definition of “Christian leadership.” I asked him to wait, promising we would get to it. He did not seem pleased; he wanted that definition right away. I wonder how this man would have reacted in the presence of Christ during his teachings on the kingdom of God. He would probably have walked away for failure to hear the definition of “kingdom of God.”

Without giving a definition of the “kingdom of God,” Christ uses parables to describe it in order to help his disciples understand. He likens the kingdom of God with the growing seed and mustard seed. Together, the two parables teach, first, that God partners with us to grow his kingdom. Second, like a small seed that, once planted, grows to be a big tree, the kingdom of God starts small and grows to be big. Most importantly, God himself makes sure that the seed that is sown is shared and produces fruit. God said through the prophet Isaiah: “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty” (Isaiah 55:11).

Prayer: Lord God, you can grow your kingdom without me, yet you choose to partner with me. Help me to be a faithful partner in this mission to which you have associated me. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Stéphane Kalonji, Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in New Bern, NC.

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