July 17, 2015

Acts 9_6

Acts 9:1-9

Four men were simple fishermen. They really did not have the qualifications we might think necessary to build a church. Their expertise was working with nets and boats, finding fish, catching and selling them. Another man was a tax collector, a traitor in the eyes of many of his peers. He worked for the oppressive government, taking in more than he was asked so that he could skim off the top and live a lavish lifestyle. Certainly, as we size up the twelve, none would seem made of the metal required to carry on Christ’s mission.

Within today’s Church, many pastors come with prior experience. Some filled occupations in skilled labor, others held professional positions. Many, myself included, had never thought themselves qualified or to be one called to the office of Pastor. Yet, there they are and here I am.

And so we have the conversion of Saul, who was once a persecutor of the Church. Along the Damascus Road, Jesus confronted Saul, brought him to faith, and made him God’s instrument in the gospel mission. God chooses whom he will. And he alone equips and qualifies those he chooses. Who knows? If he has not already, God may choose you.

Prayer: Fill me with your Spirit, O Lord, and use me as you will. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by David Nuottila, Pastor of Union Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC.

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