July 4, 2015

Luke 21_28

1 Samuel 4:1-11, Acts 4:32-5:11, Luke 21:20-28

God clearly declared his love for us in the crucified risen Christ Jesus. Yet, our Old Testament reading gives clear warning: God will not be manipulated for our sinful will. God calls us to receive him according to his Word, which directs our hearts through faith and righteous action.

The early Church flourished in unity of mind and spirit. They understood, all they had, life, health, possessions, and salvation through the risen Christ came from God. Faith and trust in God and his Word, moved them to voluntarily share all for the wellbeing of God’s Church and people. Yet, even in the midst of this perfect unity, Anania’s and Sopphira’s attempted deceit to gain status with their peers resulted in disharmony and the first recorded deliberate sin within the early Church.

In Luke, Jesus predicts Jerusalem’s destruction, the eventual precursor of judgment of the entire world. God’s impending judgment cannot be ignored. Yet, as faithful Christians, we can face God’s judgment unafraid, because we humbly believe and confess: “Jesus our Lord and Savior died for us.”

Prayer: Thank you Father, for all your gifts, especially your Son Jesus the risen Christ. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Janice Kelly, NALC Pastor.

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