July 1, 2015

Luke 20_38

Luke 20:27-40

“I just want to be a sheep bah-bah …(come on now, sing along)… I don’t want to be a Sadducee, cause they’re so sad you see…” In today’s reading from Luke 20 we learn why they are so sad. They did not believe in the resurrection. So, they asked Jesus a trick question, even quoting God’s law. So “sad you see!”

At least three points emerge from this scenario:
1. Do you believe in the resurrection and life here after? The fact that recent books such as Heaven is for Real and Five Minutes in Heaven have found their way onto our bookshelves might be evidence of us struggling with this question. May I urge you though to seek the answer to this question in daily Bible reading and study instead of clinging to human interpretations and expositions.

2. Sometimes God’s word is used inappropriately to deceive us. Like Jesus, we too should put the biblical quote into its proper context (v. 35-37) and allow scripture to interpret itself.

3. The resurrected life invites us into a totally new reality (v. 34-36). It is not this life all over again. (See also Revelation 21).

Prayer: Dear Lord, give us the resilience to want to be your sheep and not fall prey to any sad and misguided false doctrines. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Heidi Punt, Pastor of Christ United Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, NC.

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