June 27, 2015

Luke 20_2

Luke 20:1-8

Authority is a big issue among us. Some people will assume authority. Some people will relinquish their authority. Then there are authorities that together we agree upon to follow. People who go against those authorities are lawbreakers. In our time we can see that from the late 1960’s authority was questioned. The result of that constant questioning of authority is that today there is little respect for authority. Lately, there has been much in the media reported about people not only questioning, but out and out defying the authority of the police.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus is questioned about his authority. He answers the leaders with a question of his own. When the leaders discuss his question among themselves, we can see that they fear the crowds who might stone them to death. Authority it seems always has an ultimate authority. Our ultimate authority is Jesus Christ. His authority trumps everything and everyone. Then why do we question God’s authority in our own lives? Because we are still “infected” by original sin. We do not want to admit that God is in control. It is time we acknowledge to ourselves that we need to stop fighting God’s true authority.

Prayer: Lord, help me to stop fighting your good and gentle rule over my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Randy Conley, Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hubbard Lake, MI.

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