May 6, 2015

Luke 8_25

Luke 8:16-25

Have you ever noticed that sometimes even when you think you are doing everything right; even when you’re quite sure you are still on the path that the Lord has set before you; everything seems to be going wrong? If anyone tells you that if you take Jesus with you on your journey; that you will not have to experience stormy times, do not believe them. They are deluded.

The disciples got into a boat with Jesus to take a simple trip across the lake and a storm comes up. Nothing about Jesus’ life on earth was easy. His life was full of brewing storms; an enemy here, a spy there. The times were not peaceful; yet, he was at peace. Jesus promised us this same peace of heart and mind even in the midst of the most un-peaceful journeys.

Storms are to be respected; but, I have learned no matter how strong the winds and rains get, Jesus is with me and everything will be all right. It will be according to his will. Trust him. He is with you all.

Prayer: O God, grant us all faith to follow Jesus peacefully through any storms that we may encounter. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Judy Mattson, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Skanee, MI.

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