April 18, 2015

Luke 4_12

Luke 4:1-13

Jesus was full of the Spirit, and led by the Spirit while in desolation. One would need the Holy Spirit to resist the concept of food while famished. One would rely on the Holy Spirit to turn away from idols to the power of the Almighty. One would need to carry the Holy Spirit with them to refute the tactics of the devil.

Jesus responded to the tempter with scripture, specifically Deuteronomy. In doing so, Jesus the Messiah shows us that when evil tempts us away from the purposes of God, being in union with the will of the Triune God thwarts the worst of enemies.

Steeping ourselves in God’s Word regularly fortifies us for battles with temptation. It also prepares us to spar knowledgeably with tempters, as even the devil in this passage used Psalm 91 as a tactic. Verse 13 also reveals the battle against evil and temptation as ongoing, because the devil “departed from him until an opportune time”. To stay prepared for battle with evil, we must strengthen our knowledge of the ways of God.

Prayer: Holy God, we give thanks for Your Word, and ask your Presence through the Holy Spirit to guard against evil and temptation. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Tonya Brittain, Intern at Joy Lutheran Church, in Richmond, TX.

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