April 3, 2015

John 13_38

John 13:36-38

The human species – so little faith, but so much desire. After Jesus answered the question of “where are you going,” Peter asks why he cannot follow Jesus and goes on to say he will lay down his life for Jesus. Really? We all know the outcome; that Peter denied knowing Christ three times before the cock crowed.

We have such a strong desire to follow the Lord, and yet we give into our own desires so easily. How many of us have gone on vacation and slept late on Sunday morning, played golf or hit the beach instead of seeking a church to worship the Lord. Of course there are many other ways that we deny the Lord. Let us pray for the Lord to strengthen our desire in faith.

Prayer: Precious Lord, it is our desire to follow your ways, strengthen us to always do your will in all things. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Ron Hamm, NALC seminarian.

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