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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We had a fantastic Disaster Training Workshop at Union Lutheran in Salisbury, NC, this past Saturday. We came away with nine people who volunteered to serve on a mission district disaster team. One of the tangibles we came away with was the need to help the tornado victims in Oklahoma. We have a congregation and a pastor in the area who is serving as our contact for distribution. So we want to take up a collection in two weeks. So, please consider your congregation taking up an offering to go toward Oklahoma Disaster Relief on April 12. Send your offering to our treasurer, Laurie Ritchie at 1110 Spring Rock Drive, Salisbury, NC 28146. We will then send the funds to the NALC.

The other thing we agreed on was to have each congregation have a Point of Contact person for the Mission District’s Disaster Team. More will be coming out about this, but for now be thinking about who that person could be for your congregation.

Long term, the group at the workshop talked about the mission district collecting cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, gift cards from Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. for the disaster victims to be able to use to purchase needed items for their homes as they continue to rebuild, refurbish, and restore. So be thinking about ways your congregation can help with this. Again, more info will be forth coming.

We never know when or where a disaster may strike. We know they are going to and we need to be prepared so we can help whether it’s local or away. So if your congregation does not have a disaster plan in place, please be thinking about putting one together. Mary Bates, who led our workshop is available to help you do so. Being prepared when disasters strike gives us the opportunity to reach out to those in need with the love of Christ, to supply their needs and to witness to his saving grace.

Thanks to all who attended the workshop, thanks to Mary Bates for conducting it and thanks to the Holy Spirit who will inspire us to move forward and take action on what we learned. God’s blessing to you all as you walk with Christ, the way of the cross this Holy Week and celebrate the Resurrection this coming Sunday.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Carl M. Haynes
Christiana Lutheran Church
Dean of the Carolinas Mission District
of the North American Lutheran Church

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