March 30, 2015

Jeremiah 12_15

Jeremiah 11:18-12:16, Philippians 3:1-14, John 12:9-19

We often echo Jeremiah’s question to God: “Why God; why do you allow evil not only to persist, but prosper in your world?” Evil is everywhere, our media, Internet, government, communities, churches, and families. We, like Jeremiah, cannot understand God’s justice or reconcile his permissiveness with the evil we experience all around us. Unfortunately, our sense of justice gets twisted and distorted by sin.

Still, God works continually throughout the world for justice and salvation of all people. The crucified and risen Christ is God’s answer to evil. Christ is God’s fulfillment of his salvation promise.

God doesn’t directly answer the “why” question. And like Jeremiah, we struggle with faith and trust. If we truly trusted God’s faithfulness, wisdom, and limitless power, we would not ask “Why?” We would simply, as the old hymn states, “Trust and Obey,” knowing there is truly no other way. We, like Jeremiah, must learn to trust God’s judgment, management, and perfect timing of all things without question.

Prayer: Father, forgive our doubts; fill us with your Holy Spirit, giving us a firm and total faith in you alone. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Janice Kelly, NALC Pastor

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One Response to March 30, 2015

  1. Danny Ward says:

    God gave Adam & Eve free will and they stumbled before temptation, as we continue to do the same today. They walked with God through the garden, but when He was not there Satan was. Today, just as in the devotional, we have so many detractors around us, and as long as we are not consumed by His Word, we too can be easily swayed.

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