March 19, 2015

John 6_51

John 6:41-51

“The IAM is back.”
I saw those words on a billboard. Perhaps it’s just a “pastor thing” but what I saw and what I read are two different things; what I read was, “The I AM is back.” I said aloud, “Why Yes! Yes he is!” John’s account proclaims that Jesus is the I AM of the Old Testament; it’s the source of the consternation between Jesus and the temple leadership; to boast that he is the “I AM” is to proclaim all the power and authority of the living God.

Jesus’ “I AM” exclaims that he is the bread of life. It is not a perishable bread like that in the wilderness experience; that bread lasted but a day. The bread of the “I AM” is eternal for it is Christ himself who came from heaven and knows the Father that the world might also know the Father who sent his son for the life of the world.

Do you receive this bread of life? Of course you do! Each time the church gathers we partake of the promise of eternal life in the meal in which Christ reveals he is “back” among his people.

Prayer: We thank you, O God, for the bread that gives life; that as we eat this bread, your promise is made sure through Christ our Lord, the great I AM. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Melinda Jones, pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in North Charleston, SC

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