March 13, 2015

John 8_47

Romans 6:1-11, John 8:33-47

When asked, many little boys will say, “When I grow up I want to be just like my dad.” Certainly, any father would be honored to hear this statement from his son, especially if he were setting an exemplary model for his son to follow. Imagine the father’s joy as he sees his son doing things just as he taught him.

In our text, Jesus points out to those who claim to be children of Abraham; therefore children of God, that they are not living up to Father Abraham’s example. Rather than follow Jesus’ teaching, they take umbrage and begin plotting and devising ways to have him arrested and killed. True children of God do as the Father teaches. Just as Abraham was faithful, so to too would the scribes and Pharisees remain faithful to Jesus’ teaching, for Jesus and the Father are one.

Christians today struggle with this same concept. Many claim to be children of God, yet they follow the ways of our sinful world. In order to be known as children of God, we must do as our Lord teaches. Thanks be to God that as we fall short, we have forgiveness through Christ our Savior and Lord.

Prayer: Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word, that we may follow the example of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by David Nuottila, Pastor of Union Lutheran Church in Salisbury, NC.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    Most fathers can see their own inadequacies, their own discretions and shortcomings. We would pray that these sins be kept from their children. Some of those generational sins we inherited. We want what is better for our children. To nourish them in the ways of our Lord, to make them more like Jesus. Our walk can either encourage or disappoint our children, even as we get older. We are to be HIS light to those we touch.

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