February 23, 2015

John 2_11

John 2:1-12

Who is this man named Jesus? The disciples followed him, but getting to know his true identity would be a long journey before they confessed him to be the Messiah. They pledged to stay with him, but at the same time advised him to avoid the cross. They once feared they would perish during a storm at sea, even though he was with them. Some even doubted his resurrection

In this beginning of his public ministry, at least one person, his mother Mary, had grasped a lot about his identity. She notifies him that the wedding feast has run out of wine. Behind her notification hides the request, “Please, do something about this!”

Jesus, a man whose true identity the disciples would slowly grasp, reveals himself at Cana when he turns gallons of water into first-choice wine. In this miracle, he reveals himself as the long-awaited Christ. He, who produced the best wine, gives us what no one else can give us; forgiveness of sins and eternal life. The wine he offers surpasses that which was offered under the old covenant. Like the wine he offered at Cana, his grace is abundant and there is enough of it for every person.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of your Holy Spirit, lead to faith in you those who are still lost, the ones near me and those far away. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Stéphane Kalonji, Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in New Bern, NC.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    One of the things many people don’t notice, most of the miracles performed and recorded in the gospels were only done with servants around. It would be like he would not do these miracles today in view of any type of official, whether a king or president, and maybe even pastors, but only before common people.

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