February 22, 2015

Mark 2_19

Mark 2:18-22

Is it time to fast or celebrate?

I do not like to fast. I have tried many times; it’s not a thing for me. I have tried to sit quietly for a few days in prayer and fasting and that did not work for me either. I was more distracted by my hunger pains than getting closer in my conversation with God. I am a busy kind of person. I struggle with quiet places and times.

Jesus is trying to teach the old religious order that what they were waiting for through fasting and prayers is right in front of their eyes. The Jewish tradition had earmarked seasons to fast for the promised rescue of Israel and for the coming Messiah. Jesus’ disciples did not follow the Pharisees lead. And so Jesus tells his opponents something amazing; the Messiah has come. Jesus reveals the promise of the whole law; the One you’ve fasted for is among you.

The saying “old habits die hard” is true, and they are even harder to let go of. We are blessed to have the Messiah with us, so let us celebrate and worship him so the world will hear and know he is with us.

Prayer: Lord help me break out of the waiting into the serving. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Dieter Punt, Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Troutman, NC.

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