February 20, 2015

John 1_36

John 1:35-42

Jesus faced those following him and asked about what they were seeking. They, in turn, asked where he was staying. Jesus, in typical form, answered with a response that required action, “Come and see.”

While one could read those exchanges literally, as conversation between Jesus and some curious, nosey folks, we should remember that the gospel of John speaks to us in layers. Jesus did not ask, “Who are you seeking?” but “What are you seeking?” We all seek meaning in life and those particular folk had heard John call Jesus the Lamb of God. Those exchanges were not flippant curiosities, but a quest. They were not asking for an address, but to abide with him, to be in his presence.

“Come and see.” In John, there is emphasis on seeing and believing, and the response to discipleship gets beyond evidential sight to a deeper level of belief. Jesus demonstrated his power to the disciples as he taught them, but eventually called them, and all of us who would follow him, to believe without seeing.

Prayer: Almighty and powerful God, thank You for abiding with us. Forgive us for our misdirection and lack of faith, and help us to seek direction from you. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Tonya Brittain, Intern at Joy Lutheran Church, in Richmond, TX.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    Umari ug Tuman-aw, come and see. As Philip went to get his friend Nathaniel (Bartholomew). The apostles John and Andrew left John the Baptist, to follow Jesus. Come and see may very well said those same words to James and Simon Peter. Is this not what we should be saying? Come and see that God is good. Come and see what God can do in your life. COME & SEE!!!

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