February 13, 2015

Mark 10_44

Mark 10:32-45, Isaiah 61:1-9, 2 Timothy 3:1-17

Who is your “wingman” as they say? Who will stay by your side looking out for you and helping you in life? James and John came to Jesus in today’s reading in Mark 10 asking to be his wingmen. They wanted places of prominence, one at his right and the other at his left. Even though the other disciples were grumbling about the brothers’ bold request, neither they nor James and John knew what was involved by being Jesus’ wingman.

We use the expression “baptism by fire” to talk about someone going through an ordeal. Jesus was telling the two brothers that there was more than basking in the glory of his kingdom and the privileges that they imagined. A baptism by fire was surely to come. The cups they would drink would often be bitter; and the baptisms they would face would be persecution, ridicule, pain and even death.

We too think that being a follower of Jesus will make life easier. This view is contrary to the teaching of the cross. Cheap grace, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer termed it, is wanting to bask in the victory of Christ without accepting any of the consequences of living for him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me follow, that I may rejoice that you are with me in whatever I will face. Lord, in your name I pray. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Randy Conley, Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hubbard Lake, MI.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    What I have always heard is a simple truth, if you are not having difficulties in your walk with Jesus, you are posing no threat to satan. Satan only attacks those who are posing a threat to him by building up God’s kingdom here on earth.

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