February 8, 2015

John 7_38

John 7:37-46

The word charisma comes from Greek terminology suggesting a “divine gift”. It is often applied to individuals who are especially gifted in various areas for ministry. We observe it in numerous Christians as singers, teachers, leaders, and pastors. They have an aura that draws others to learn from them, or simply to appreciate their special mastery. Christians will suggest they have been filled with the Spirit.

John states that Jesus’ words caused a division among the people. The temple guards were asked why they didn’t arrest Jesus. They said it was because no one had ever spoken the way Jesus did. They were apparently awed by Jesus’ speech. As Christians know, there was an aura or something divine about Jesus which drew many to him.

As many draw near to Christ Jesus, there is often something visible and especially observable that emerges in their expressions. You and I have witnessed some of them. The Spirit worked through many of them guiding us to Jesus Christ. We live on the historical side of Jesus where being filled with the Spirit can be a reality for us. Get closer to Jesus and see what sort of charisma he can draw out of your life.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, draw me nearer to you and fill me with your Spirit to shine into the lives of those who surround me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Today’s devotion was written by Rev. Robert V. Alle, NALC Pastor

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