January 24, 2015

Mark 5_19

Mark 5:1-20, Ephesians 6:10-24, Isaiah 46:1-13

In the healing of the demoniac, the responses to Jesus’ gift were mixed. Jesus freed the possessed man from the demon that possessed him for years. In doing so, he also freed the people from the threat and danger the crazed man presented. Grateful, the healed man wanted to cling to Jesus. This man, once crazed and living among the tombs, understood Jesus as Savior and deliverer from evil.

Fear, however, seized the people. They were not personally involved in the miracle, and the things they saw could not be explained. They became gripped by fear so they asked Jesus to leave. They saw and feared what they could not explain and the potential cost to them seemed too great.

The same is true today. People’s lives are filled with work, play, and sensual pleasures. They say there is no time to seek a God who challenges our beliefs. Keeping their distance from those touched by the Redeemer’s hand, they fear the cost of following him may seem too great.

Prayer: God you offer life from death and light from darkness. Fill us with courage and strengthen our faith and trust in you alone, that we may seek you above all worldly costs. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Rev. Janice Kelly, NALC Pastor.

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