January 18, 2015

John 4_29

John 4:27-42

How often do we eagerly drink the living water provided to us? Do we listen for God to speak to us? Do we tell our communities about the truth, bringing them closer to it?

Wearied, Jesus stopped at a well, asked for a drink, and engaged a Samaritan woman in a very detailed conversation, one that would lead her to faith in him. Jesus speaking to this woman in public was scandalous enough. The fact that she left her water jar, went into the town, and evangelized might have been just as strange. She brought others to where Jesus was. In effect, she did what the disciples could have and should have been doing. She testified, witnessed to her community, and literally brought them to Jesus.

The disciples were concerned about physical food, while Jesus was feeding His listeners the truth of God’s will. The Samaritans were eager to simply be with Jesus, being fed spiritually. The deepening faith of those Samaritans and their admission of Jesus as Savior made them ripe for harvesting.

Prayer: God of the harvest, forgive us for our worldliness, and help us to bring others to you to be fed. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Tonya Brittain,
Intern at Joy Lutheran Church, in Richmond, TX.

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