January 13, 2015

Mark 1_18

Mark 1:14-28

Under which circumstances would you be incited to leave everything you know and love behind? This is essentially what Simon, Andrew, James and John did. Their whole way of life circled around the business of fishing. It was more than a means of income it was a way of life, a tradition handed down throughout the generations. Yet, with just a few simple words by a seemingly unpretentious carpenter, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”, these men immediately stepped out into discipleship!

Note some details that make this story in Mark so compelling: 1) The call to discipleship was a command; 2) The command was issued by Jesus, the Son of God; 3) The disciples were ordinary folk with many responsibilities.

These details connect with us: 1) The command was issued as much to these first disciples as it is emphatically announced to us; 2) Jesus speaks with authority and when his words are heard, there are amazing consequences; 3) We are also just ordinary folk with many responsibilities.
Will we respond like Simon, Andrew, James and John and immediately step out into discipleship?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to hear your command and to respond immediately.


Today’s devotion was written by Heidi Punt,
Pastor of Christ United Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, NC.

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