January 11, 2015

John 1_1-7

John 1:1-7, Hebrews 1:1-12, Isaiah 40:1-11

For the past couple of weeks we have had a full house. Our son in law’s folks came and left. One of our sons, an Army SGT came and left, and this morning our daughter, son in law and twenty-two month old grandson left. We of course always love them from afar but there is nothing quite like having a loved one visiting, dwelling and staying a while, in person. It was two weeks of chaos and love with some “skin on.”

One of the books we read to our Grandson and one we read to our three kids when they were young is The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. In the story a little bunny continually runs away from the mother bunny, but the mother bunny always becomes what the runaway bunny is, and the little bunny ends up “staying home.”

God loved and loves us enough to become one of us, to live for us, to die for us and to defeat death with a real resurrected body full of life. As Luther quipped, “even God had dirty diapers.” Jesus, the God-man, fully God and fully human, is the love of God with “skin on.”

Prayer: Lord of life, what is assumed, is saved. We thank you for the gift of the incarnation, for taking on human meat and flesh, for becoming one of us to save us. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by
Chaplain (MAJ) Glenn Palmer, 1 AD Division Artillery, FT Bliss, TX.

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