December 28, 2015


Matthew 18:1-14

Christmas Day is past. Gifts are opened, festivities done, and Christmas/Easter Christians are gone again until spring. Or are they?

Some years ago, there was a young girl whose father was inactive in church. They rarely attended worship. When the girl reached confirmation age, she asked her father to drive her to confirmation classes. He agreed and dutifully took her to classes for two years.

After the affirmation of Baptism, the pastor wondered how seriously the girl would take her commitment. Even if she intended to keep her promises, would her father keep his? The pastor prayed that the girl’s commitment would be strong enough to hold her father accountable.

The following Sunday, the pastor looked out into the congregation, and there sat the girl and her father! They came to worship every Sunday for three months. Then, they stopped. The pastor considered calling them, but decided to pray and wait.

How seriously do we take our commitment to the Church? Do we truly hold ourselves, and fellow Christians accountable for the promises we make?

Three weeks later, the girl and her father returned to worship. Will they continue coming? Only God knows, but at least now, someone is searching.

Prayer: Faithful God, as you diligently search for the one lost sheep in a hundred, help us also to seek out those who go astray, so that all the sheep of your flock may be lovingly and joyfully gathered into your fold. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Paulette McHugh, Vicar at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    The great commission says that we are to make disciples, baptizing them in the named the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus spent three years discipling those 12 who were chosen. We need to disciple more today than ever. Discipleship, may have brought the father back as well and he may have been an encouragement/mentor to his daughter. At our mission, we actively disciple, and then those will disciple another.

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