2014 Reformation Conference

The Department of Lutheran Studies at Gordon Conwell Theological School in Charlotte, NC, hosted the 2014 McDaniel Center for Theology Reformation Conference Lecture Series, Ecclesia Plantanda. This was the second of an annual event hosted by the department on October 30, 2014. Audio of the lectures and panel discussion are below.

Dr. Jim Nestingen offered an exegetical treatment of 1 Peter, particularly the notion of exile. Peter is addressing a people of diaspora who have suffered the double loss of their homeland and their religious community. Their normal sources of strength and stability are broken and gone. Such dislocation is pervasive in our public life. St. Peter gives us some clues and provides some insight in what it means to be a faithful disciple of Christ Jesus in a hostile context. The Rev. Dr. Jim Nestingen is Professor Emeritus of Church History at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, adjunct professor for the North American Lutheran Seminary, and a member of the Joint Commission on Theology and Doctrine for Lutheran CORE and the NALC.


Dr. Joel Lehenbauer offered reflections on significant challenges and opportunities facing the church in North America today as it responds to and intersects with contemporary cultural trends and realities. Drawing on St. Peter’s depiction of Christians as “resident aliens,” (and insights from the classic work of the same name by contemporary American theologian Stanley Hauwerwas), he highlighted some Christ-centered theological themes that offer hope, guidance, and encouragement to Christians as they seek to share and “embody” the Gospel of Christ in an increasingly post-churched society. The Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer is the Executive Director of the LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations.


The panel discussion…


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