November 2, 2014


Matthew 14:1-12

When counseling soldiers dealing with the horror and trauma of war, as a Chaplain, I strongly encourage them to go and tell Jesus. I tell them of the importance of sharing their sacred story with others and with Jesus in and through prayer. I share with them how important my faith life is and has been for me; when I “tell Jesus” I unburden myself and lay the sin and the pain and the trauma at the feet of Jesus on the cross. I am reminded, as were John’s disciples, that these things, that the ways of evil, happened to me but that they do not own me or define me.

We are saved through faith by the grace of the one who took all horror and evil and trauma upon himself on the cross and then defeated the ways of the devil by being raised. The grave is empty. God in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit has the last word and it is a word of life.

Prayer: Crucified and Risen Jesus, we cling and live by promise, so in the midst of the ways of the enemy, the ways of death and evil, we give thanks that you are always there. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by
Chaplain (MAJ) Glenn Palmer, 1 AD Division Artillery, FT Bliss, TX.

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