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Visitor locations from September 2014

During September, 3,639 visitors came to our website (http://carolinasnalc.org/) 11,090 times to view 49,932 pages. The bulk of those pages were the daily devotions but people were reading older posts too—particularly the devotions from earlier in the year (http://carolinasnalc.org/?page_id=2061).

On September 21st, we had 624 different visitors, though the average was 369 per day. 4,298 pages were viewed that day. The average number of pages viewed each day was 1,664.

33,984 of the 49,932 pages viewed last month were by visitors from the US. The next highest were the Netherlands and Ukraine, then China, the Russian Federation, France, India, Great Britain, Romania, Philippines, Pakistan, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Finland, Brazil, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Moldova, Republic of Serbia, Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Venezuela, Spain, Slovenia, Iran, Argentina, Hong Kong, Italy, Bangladesh, Belarus, Australia, Indonesia, Denmark, Mexico, Bulgaria, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Nepal, Aland Islands, Colombia, Armenia, Maldives, Hungary, Croatia, Bahamas, Slovak Republic, Macedonia, South Africa, New Zealand, Qatar, Macau, Ghana, Austria, Tanzania, Azerbaidjan, Tadjikistan, Sri Lanka, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Mauritius, Estonia, Malta, Uruguay, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Costa Rica, Belgium, Uganda, Kenya, Norway, Senegal, Yemen, Albania, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Montenegro, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Myanmar, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Bolivia, Cyprus, Turks and Caicos Islands, Iceland, Jamaica, Gibraltar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Guatemala, Oman, Fiji, Sudan, Panama, Jordan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Algeria, Cameroon, Botswana, Antigua and Barbuda, Cambodia, Bermuda, Lebanon, Belize, Kuwait, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guam, Aruba, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Swaziland, and three unknown countries.

That’s what you call taking the Gospel to the nations!

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