September 11, 2014


John 4:27-42

September eleventh. Few dates on the calendar evoke such emotion as nine eleven. Thirteen years ago, on this day, our nation was viciously attacked. Millions watched in disbelief, horror, and shock as the tragedy unfolded. At final count, nearly three thousand lives were lost on that one, dark day in history.

As our country struggled to make sense out of the unimaginable loss, countless stories of heroism and self-sacrifice emerged from out of the ashes. These stories inspired us and gave us hope. They reminded us that even when we come face to face with the evil forces of this world, good can never be defeated.

As people of the Christian faith, we know that Christ has defeated sin and death through his death and resurrection. Christ proved once and for all that good will always triumphs over evil. Even though the powers of darkness are still very much at work in the world, God continues to plant the seeds of faith. And he calls and sends each of us out into the field to do his good work, to tend and nurture fellow believers and to share the story of his sacrificial and unfailing love.

Prayer: Gracious God, give us the courage to do the labor to which you call us, that through the testimony of our words and our works, many may come to know and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Paulette McHugh,
Vicar at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC.

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  1. Mary Millard says:

    Thank you… beautiful words and a poignant reminder how love and goodness can shine like a silver lining in our darkest hour. Christ’s crucifixtion for us at times is saddening but out of that heartbreak shone his love and God’s sacrifice for us.

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