July 12, 2014


Numbers 3:1-13; Galatians 6:11-18; Matthew 17:1-13

Almost everyone knows that you should not type in all capital letters on the Internet. It is called “yelling.” The Apostle Paul did not know about this social media etiquette. He “yells” at the conclusion of our New Testament Reading so that we will hear. (Gal 6:11) He writes in large letters the central message of Scripture: Christ crucified. We have nothing to brag about in religious acts. The act of Christ on the cross is our only boast.

The Law and the Prophets point to Christ. As far back as the offering of the first-fruits of Abel’s flocks (Gen 4:4) and in the firstborn of the Levites being offered to the Lord, we see how the only begotten Son of God would be offered for the sin of the world. “The entire Levitical priesthood points to Him and indicates that He would be a King and Priest entirely different from those of the past or future.” (Luther’s Works, vol. 13, p. 228)

He is the one to see and hear. The New Covenant is transfigured before us in the person of Jesus Christ. “LISTEN TO HIM!” so that the grace of God may be with your spirit.

Prayer: Father, may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with my spirit. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman,
Pastor of Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Asheboro, NC.

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