July 4, 2014


Matthew 14:22-36

Few human moments are as fascinating as watching young children learn to walk. Labeled “toddlers,” they weave and wobble, sometimes landing abruptly. We coach them, offering assistance repeatedly.

Just as infants watch and learn, attempting to navigate movement toward a goal, so the disciples, having been in the presence of Jesus, were watching and learning. Matthew 14 reveals lack of faith in the very presence of Jesus, as well as his mercy.

We are toddlers. We cry out for help in the storms, and God answers with assurance of his presence. Because fear is powerful, we then wager: “If this is from you, then show me,” desiring additional assurance. God beckons to us, and we want to rely on the source of our peace. We see the threats around us, and we falter—repeatedly. We are Peter, vacillating between holy reliance and worldly anxieties. God responds, even when multiple opportunities for strengthening faith have come and gone. Our God trains us up, builds our faith, aids our steps, picks us up, and responds when we cry out.

Prayer: God of all who falter, forgive us, and help us to step toward you in faith. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Tonya Brittain,
Intern at Joy Lutheran Church, in Richmond, TX.

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