June 16, 2014


Matthew 11:1-6

Times of intense waiting often take place at night. I remember the night our oldest was born; the waiting was intense. Now when she is home from college, we as parents lay awake waiting, hoping to hear the sound of her coming home. Waiting to hear the results of tests from a doctor’s office seems to intensify during the long, quiet hours of the night. When the world becomes silent around us, the voices of doubt and fear seem to become deafening.

Maybe this is what John the Baptist was experiencing in prison. In the dark prison cell John waited for an answer. Lord, if you really are the promised Messiah, why am I here in prison? Where is your powerful kingdom that I believed you would bring? In a way, that is the same question we want answered today. We live in the kingdom of God that is not yet fully revealed or completed.

Jesus assured John—and us—that there is enough evidence of his work in the world to confirm his identity. Let us take heart; God has whispered the coming of a kingdom that will one day arrive with an unmistakable shout.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us trust in you in both the difficult and the good times in order to help others hear your good news. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Dieter Punt,
Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Troutman, NC.

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    Even today, as the church takes the offering, the pastor or the treasurer waits. Will there be enough to match our bills? Will there be enough to continue all of our programs? We sit 12 hours ahead of the east coast time or EDT. We wait each week for our finance report to come. Will we have enough to make budget for the week? In the present, so many are worried about whether we will have a job in the morning. We wait, just like John did. What is it we do? Fret and worry, or rejoice knowing that our risen Christ is in control?

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