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The latest upgrade of our email subscription software removed the right-hand column on each page of our site. We allowed a few weeks for the plugin creator to fix the problem. This has not happened, so the subscription software has been altogether removed from our site. The missing column is back.

This is the third subscription plugin we have unsuccessfully tried and are left with the decision of not providing email subscriptions anymore.

Instead, we offer you something better. You may now download for your tablet and smartphone our new mobile app. Go to your Apple or Android app store and download Carolinas-NALC. The app is available for Windows mobile devices by searching CarolinasNALC (no hyphen). It will also be available on Kindle Fire (above OS 1.0) when Amazon lists the app.

All of our devotions, the ESV Bible, the Small Catechism, and much more is available to you on the app. The podcast section of the mobile app is the only part yet unfinished. The completed, new app will be officially unveiled at the upcoming mission district convocation.

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