May 20, 2014


Leviticus 16:20-34, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, Matthew 6:7-15

We use the term “scapegoat” without remembering where it comes from. In Leviticus we learn that Aaron, the high priest, was supposed to lay his hands on the head of a goat, then another man would take the goat and release it into the wilderness. In effect the goat carried the sins away from God’s people. Sometimes you may have felt like you have become the scapegoat for someone else’s misdeeds.

Today as followers of Christ we know that only one perfect man became the perfect scapegoat for us. Jesus took away our sins. Jesus bore the weight of all sin, for all time, for all sinners. This is an incredible miracle performed by our limitless God! To fully appreciate what Jesus did for us on the cross, imagine if you had to pay for the sins of just one other person. What if you were wrongly convicted of another’s crime, much less the sins of millions, indeed billions of people?

There is no need for a scapegoat anymore. Cling to the promise of the Savior, namely Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your miraculous forgiveness you gave through Jesus Christ, that I may live forever! Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Randy Conley,
Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Faith, NC.

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  1. Edwin Sumo says:

    Father, I joint faith with this church family to dedicate this ground that would be used to built your house in jesus name Amen.

    Edwin Sumo -Liberia

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