May 14, 2014


Exodus 33:1-23; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Matthew 5:17-20

As a young man, Joshua, the son of Nun was already the assistant to the great law-giver. One would think he would want to always be with Moses. But our Old Testament Reading tells us that when Moses left the tent of meeting, Joshua remained in the tent. That is where the Lord descended in a pillar of cloud and met Moses face to face. There in that tent, he spoke with Moses “as a man speaks to his friend.” (Exod 33:11)

The Reading then shifts to Moses’ intercession for the people. Yet, I am left with Joshua in the tent. Did the Lord linger with the young man? I imagine so, since Joshua’s desire for the word of God and his company was exceptionally righteous. (Matt 5:20)

If we are to boldly declare the gospel in the midst the great conflicts of our times (1Thes 2:2), it will be necessary to tarry a while where we meet with the Lord. Before going about your business today, linger with the Lord in all three Reading. Listen to those words as though the Lord is speaking with you face to face. He is.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman,
Pastor of Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Asheboro, NC.

Prayer: Word of God, speak, and in the quiet, help me hear your voice. Amen.

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