March 13, 2014


Genesis 39:1-23

My older brother Lloyd is one of those people for whom everything always seems to work out. If he loses a job, he immediately finds another one—usually better. When he was in high school, he dated the most beautiful and popular girls. In the Navy, he was assigned to a coveted job on his ship, that of navigator.

That is not to say nothing bad ever happened to him. His first marriage was short-lived and problematic, ending in divorce. His second marriage lasted several decades, finally ending in divorce but blessing him with a beautiful daughter and later with two fine grandsons.

If a biography was ever written about Lloyd, it might sound a lot like that of Joseph. Because Joseph was so handsome and well-thought of, he also encountered jealousy that resulted in ill-intentioned action against him. But God was always with Joseph, turning even his troubles into success, part of God’s plan for blessing his people.

That is what God does, though. God takes our lemons and makes lemonade. God took the brutal death of Jesus and conquered sin, death and the devil in the resurrection. When evil rises, God transforms it into good.

Prayer: Lord God, help me to see your presence even in the midst of trouble, trusting you to bring order into the chaos, light into the darkness. Amen

Today’s devotion was written by Marty Ramey,
Pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in Kings Mountain, NC.

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