March 4, 2014


John 18:28-38

Pilate asks this question with every intention to dismiss the discussion. This was not to be his problem! Otherwise, he might have had a Jewish revolt on his hands that would threaten the fragile political climate.

How often do we not ask questions and have no intent of ever really hearing the truth because the answer might not fit into our “world”? We argue it is a fluid variable determined by the interpretation of the person sharing or observing. There are those of us who base truth on feelings, scientific facts, or visual proof. They all change depending on personal interpretation or perception.

Aletheia, Truth is someone and not something. Jesus and his revelation of divine truth are inseparable. Here there are no variables! When these meet you in your life, life as you know it changes. In Pilate’s case, the nuisance of a Jewish issue had him come to realize that there was “no guilt in him.” May we all be met by this truth this Lenten season.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for meeting us in our daily lives and revealing your unchangeable truth to us. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Heidi Punt,
Pastor of Christ United Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, NC.

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