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Dedication of Church in Dwazon


The Lord be with you. Peace be unto you.

I have been in Liberia for a month since my departure from the US on January 16, 2014. God has blessed us greatly, providing multiple opportunities to serve Christ and those He has called to His kingdom. The Spirit of God continues to bless and guide us in the process.

Many thanks for your prayers, support, and grace you continue to show for the work we have been called to do. I am grateful for you continued kindness and the high spirit you have for missions.


1. Led the Lugbeh’s pastors and leadership conference with theological, biblical, leadership training, and liturgical

2. Baptized 46 people adults and children at the Lugbeh’s conference

Groundbreaking in Tienni

3. Led the groundbreaking service for the Sanniqullie church construction; led the groundbreaking service for the construction of the Tienii church construction.

Launching Victory Ministry School of Theology in Sanniqulie

4. Established the Victory Ministry School of Theology in Sanniqulie, Nimba County.

5. Started two churches in Nagana and Magoma, Grand Capemount County.

6. Help to encourage and strengthen the brethren in three towns in the midst of cultural and demonic challenges.

7. Organized two separate teams for Ganta and Kakata cities to begin the groundwork for the church planting to move in and plant the church in two strategic and economic capitals.

8. Commissioned four evangelists: Jefferson Badio to work in CapeMounty County; Alphonso Suah to workin Guinea; Cyrus Brey and Anthony Gbao to work in Ivory Coast.

9. Delivered the Jesus Film to the imam and encouraged him to come to Christ.

10. Working on a team for the starting of a church in Monrovia.

For this period, the Lord has blessed us to oversee the pastors and church leader’s conference in Lugbeh, Nimba County (Northern Liberia—close to the border with Guinea). Serving as the primary teacher, I taught church leadership, mission, evangelism, theology, and did general questions and answers session to address concerns of the people as it relates to scriptural response to cultural, prevailing national issues, and theological matters sealing the communion.

Evangelist to Guinea

The church counseled me to refrain from going into Guinea and Ivory Coast for now until such times when a thorough groundwork and strong teams are established. Instead, three evangelists were commissioned to work in these countries. For Ivory Coast Pastors Anthony Gbao and Cyrus Brey were commissioned. For Guinea Bro. Alphonso Suah was commissioned.

At the commissioning the brethren at the service raised an offering as an initial and immediate support to be distributed equally among the evangelist. Other material items, including clothing and underclothes, were given for the support of the brethren going to serve our Lord in these strange areas.

I also commissioned Bro. Jefferson Badio as the evangelist in Capemounty County at the Tienii groundbreaking service.

I was challenged to baptize forty-six believers into the faith. The baptized were from the hosting church and some purposely traveled from other towns and churches to be baptized.

While in Nimba, I travel to three towns to help strengthen the believers and encourage them in the midst of tribal and cultural challenges. I taught on the certainty of Christ’s salvific power, the reality of Christ power over all powers, even the powers of government and witches.

In Sanniqullie, the administrative headquarters of Nimba County, I led the groundbreaking service for the construction of its church building. This building will serve as the host of the 2016 convocation of all the churches in Liberia, hopefully from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast.

I was also blessed to have led the groundbreaking service for the church construction for the Tienii Church, five minutes’ drive from the Sierra Leonean border.

To strengthen the pastoral and theological abilities of the pastors, the people of Region One asked me to lead the establishment a theological school to give all their pastors and other pastors from other denominations the opportunity to be trained properly for ministry. Consequently, the Victory Ministry Theological School was launched in Sanniqullie, Nimba County during this period of time.

Two strategic and economic centers for two counties are targets for a starting of two churches: Ganta in Nimba and Kakata in Margibi were visited. I have worked with Region One to establish a church planting team in Ganta and Region two to build a team in Kakata. These teams are currently building up through Bible study and prayer. I will return there for a training session for each team prior to their launching of the foundational operations for the church planting team to move in there in April.

I am working on building a groundwork team for a church in Monrovia.

Two churches were started in Nangana and Gbogoma, Grand Cape Mount County, a predominately Islamic area in the western section of Liberia.

I have delivered a copy of the Jesus Film in a local language to the Imam in Tienii. I encouraged him to turn to Christ but his response was, ‘you are getting the people to come to Christ and now you want the Imam himself to come also.’ He further told me to keep praying to see how my God will work. I will keep praying. I’m glad that he recognizes that I am praying for their salvation in Christ.

Rev. Samar Ghandaur

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