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Since we have begun posting devotions on our website and on Facebook, something dramatic has happened. The number of people coming to our site has increased a lot. This is not simply because we now have devotions here. Eleven days ago, I started doing something else too.

First thing each morning, I post a quick line to my personal Twitter account that lets my “followers” know about that day’s devotion. Each post looks something like this: Blessings… Notice at the bottom of the image above that we have had almost 1,500 visitors since I started using Twitter this way. Previously, there were a few hundred visitors in a week.

Therefore, I now post to Twitter two or three times each day, posting links to devotions from our archive too—and also from my own blog. Doing this, has dramatically driven up the number of folks coming to the site, as well as increased the number of visitors from around the world. The map above shows pinpoints of locations from which people have visited our site in the past eleven days.

When I used to log on to the site, perhaps one person was viewing a page. Now, 8-12 are doing so each morning. After I post a link to Twitter, suddenly 25-30 or more at a time are viewing the page I just “tweeted.” For example, as I type this post, there are 8 visitors on our site. They are viewing from China, Ukraine, the Russian Federations, CA, DC, NC, PA, and VA. Now I will post a link on Twitter to our January 17th devotion by Tom Corbell. It looks like this: Following…  Seconds later, there are 18 people looking at Tom’s devotion, picking up additional folks from CA, MI, TX, and WA.

I encourage you to use both your personal and church Facebook and Twitter accounts to post links to our devotions. Let’s use these resources together to call the world to the word.

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2 Responses to Site Update

  1. Kristie Ward says:

    I love reading these devotionals. They give encouragement and words to meditate on for the rest of the day. This is the first thing my husband and I do each morning. I was excited to see the map of the world. Soon you will be able to track the reading of these devotionals from the southern Philippines! Blessings

    • Mark says:

      I’m glad you’re coming here. And it would be great to see many pinpoints of light in the Philippines! May the peace of Christ attend you today.

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