February 14, 2014


Romans 13:1-14

Yesterday, at our monthly Unit Ministry Team training, we remembered the Army values of selfless service and courage as they related to Father Emil Kapaun. Father Kapaun was a Catholic Priest, who along with the Soldiers he served, was captured by the North Koreans. Father Kapaun died at the hands of the North Koreans. After receiving his daily food allotment he would be seen giving away his food to the Soldiers he served. He literally gave himself away for the sake others, so they might live, practicing true incarnational, cruciform ministry, “true” love.

On this Valentine’s Day, when the culture focuses so much on feelings of romantic love, the Body of Christ, is called to share the Good News that “love is more than a feeling.” Jesus never speaks of feelings. Jesus modeled the ultimate act of love on the Cross. Jesus takes the devil and sin and evil upon himself, dying, and defeating them with the last word, that of life. That is agape love which we are called to model in all we say and especially in all we do.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me die to self and live a life of love for you. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Glenn Palmer,
Active Duty US Army Chaplain.

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