Logos Reftagger

Note the boxed "L" by each reference

Screenshot detail of Daily Devotions page

Our website uses a powerful tool called “Logos Reftagger.” Each time a Scripture is referenced, note that it is linked to the English Standard Version of those verses. When you hover the cursor over this link, it will show the verses in a small, pop-up window. If you then left-click on the link (or click “More” in the pop-up window), it will open the entire range of verses in Biblia.com. In the upper right-hand corner of the Biblia page, you may click through to other Bible versions.

You may also note a small box with an “L” in it at the end of each Scripture reference. If you have Logos Bible Software installed on your computer, click the boxed “L,” and Logos Reftagger will open Logos Bible Software to the reference. If you have Logos set up to automatically open all resources for that Scripture, it will do so.

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