February 8, 2014


Hebrews 12:12-29

When I lived in California, I experienced a 6.8 earthquake. It was terrifying. The floor of my apartment appeared to roll in waves, pictures fell off the walls, kitchen cabinets popped open, and dishes fell out and were smashed to pieces. For the next few days, there were aftershocks and with them, heart-stopping fear that it was starting again. The earth is supposed to be still, not to shake.

Even more than the natural processes of storms and earthquakes, we are assaulted daily by the forces of the evil one who would shake our faith and tempt us to give in to sin, darkness, and despair. This passage reminds us that God’s kingdom cannot be shaken. When Christ died on the cross, it seemed that all was lost, but he rose, victorious over death, to lead us into a kingdom of light and life, one that cannot be shaken.

Prayer: Lord, in times of spiritual earthquake, when we are frightened by forces that threaten to shake our faith, steady us with your presence and your promise that you are unshakable. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Marty Ramey,
Pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in Kings Mountain, NC.

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